About us

About us

We are a family firm made up of prominent professionals in different fields, such as legal, business, arts and communication, who have been working in their professions individually, obtaining great personal results and decided to merge their areas of professional expertise in order to offer to the foreign public the legal, social and business services that are part of their residency in Ecuador.

Now all these services are centralized to provide better service to our customers. Although our target audience comes from abroad, many local clients continue to join us in contracting our services.

We welcome them into our client community and we thank them for choosing us.

Luis Urgiles is a retired judge who held numerous legal, political, and educational posts during his career.

Indira Urgiles is a lawyer who specializes in governmental affairs.

Karina Urgiles is a businesswoman who organizes cultural events in Cuenca and serves as a facilitator for ex-pats.


We have a solid standard of honesty and transparency in all the processes and services we offer, and in our dealings with the clients. These characteristics demonstrate our responsibility and commitment to our clients. During all these years of experience we have satisfactorily resolved all clients needs and we have successfully processed all types of Visas and legal documents for Expats from different nations.

The professional fields in which we have proven expertise are:

Luis Urgilés, is a retired judge and former President of the Provincial Court of Justice of Azuay, Master in Administrative Law, Commissioner of the ombudsman’s office in Azuay, Academic advisor and teacher of the masters in constitutional, political and administrative law of the Eloy Alfaro University, District Delegate of the State Attorney General’s Office Azuay, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Labor Relations, Chief Advisor to the Office of the Minister of Education, and much more.

Indira Urgilés, is a young lawyer that has held positions as Ecuadorian Central Authority of International Adoptions at MIES (Ministry of Social Inclusion), National Attorney of Adoptions and Legal Status Clarification and Foreign Affairs Specialist. She focus on Human Rights, adoptions and family and child protection law. Honest and strong professional skilled in case study, legal interpretation, languages, Public Speaking, Strategic Planning, Customer Service and high use of technological tools.

Karina Urgilés, is a businesswoman who has worked mainly for art and culture in Cuenca with locals and expats. She was Administrative Coordinator of the Tender Process “Choir and Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Cuenca in conjunction with the University of Cuenca. She was General Manager of The Events & Arts company. She worked for 10 years as assistant to foreigners as a facilitator and 5 years obtaining consular services.


We work with excellence on the matters entrusted, ensuring personal and team effectiveness in the final achievement of results. Thus we can say that if for any reason your visa application is rejected by the Ecuadorian Immigration Ministry we will immediately refund 100% of the visa fee. This applies as long as you comply with the requirements and processes in which we will advise and resolve in your favor.

We will make sure that you will receive a friendly, courteous treatment, in a genuine spirit of service. All those features are our best letter of introduction.

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