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Expat Community

Legal advice & solutions

About us

We are a family firm made up of prominent professionals in different fields, such as legal, business, arts and communication, who decided to merge their areas of professional expertise in order to offer to the foreign public the legal, social and business services that are part of their residency in Ecuador. 

Although our target audience comes from abroad, many local clients continue to join us in contracting our services. We welcome them into our client community and we thank them for choosing us.


We have a solid standard of honesty and transparency in all the processes and services we offer, and in our dealings with the client.

All these characteristics demonstrate our responsibility and commitment to our clients. 


We work with excellence on the matters entrusted, ensuring personal and team effectiveness in the final achievement of results.

Friendliness, courtesy and a genuine spirit of service are our best letter of introduction.

Our clients

We work for them and we appreciate their great reception.
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